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Rob Bredin, founder of RCB Calibration LLC, worked for Sadelco over 25 years.  As Vice President of Engineering, Rob designed the DisplayMax-5000 series, DisplayMax-JR series and the DisplayMax-800 series as well as managing the Production and Service departments.  As Sadelco was winding down, Rob formed RCB Calibration to provide continued support for the thousands of Sadelco meters currently in use.

RCB Calibration was formed with the full support of Sadelco and has been authorized to handle all future warranty repairs arising from its standard Warranty Policy (12 months warranty period for new meters and 90 day warranty period for refurbished and serviced meters). In addition to warranty service, RCB Cal also provides non-warranty repair service, calibration, upgrades (adding features to existing meters), OEM parts and accessories, and also stocks refurbished Sadelco meters.

​RCB Cal has acquired all of the original parts, schematics, service documentation, calibration stations, software and equipment from Sadelco.  This, combined with 25 years experience servicing Sadelco meters, makes RCB Cal highly qualified to service your Sadelco meters now and in the future.

We look forward to doing business with you!