Refurbished Meters              Call 201-569-3323 

Following models are offered for sale:

  • DisplayMax-5000 version DM5-12345
  • DisplayMax-5000 version DM5-12340
  • DisplayMax-5000 version DM5-12300
  • DisplayMax-JR 3000
  • DisplayMax-800/CLI
  • Minimax-800

Please contact RCB Calibration for pricing and availability on Refurbished Meters.

RCB Cal's 12 Step Program for Refurbished Meters:

1.  Initial QC inspection.

2.  Full disassembly of meter.

3.  Inspection of circuit boards and all components, wiring, assemblies, etc.

4.  Replace any damaged or compromised components.

5.  Perform any necessary upgrades to hardware and/or software.

6.  Install new battery pack regardless of condition.

7.  Replace keypad if not in good condition.

8.  Reassemble meter and test ALL functions (Signal Level, Ingress, Leakage, MER/BER, Modem Tx)

9.  Full QC inspection of Signal Level over full measurement window, i.e. 5 to 1000 MHz every 100 MHz 

    and -30 to +60dB every 10dB.  If meter not in calibration perform factory calibration using original

    Sadelco calibration stations and software.

10.  Pack meter with all necessary accessories (charger, antenna, etc..)

11.  Meter backed by standard 90 day warranty; extended warranty available.

12.  Technical support available if you need help setting up your meter 201-569-3323


(201) 569-3323

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